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Is the abuse of heroin, opiates, or other opioid narcotics destroying your career, family, or finances? Are you sick and tired of hallucinations, tremors, depression, intense anxiety and agonizing withdrawals or being dependent on heroin or pills such as pain pills such as Lorcet, Lortab, Percocet, or OxyContin? Call Our Help Line Today: 1-888-496-8059.

Heroin rehab programs in Chillicothe, Ohio can help you, or your father, mother, daughter, son or someone you love overcome abuse by providing the help you need in a professional environment in Chillicothe in order to successfully get through stages such as getting detoxed, completing rehab treatments, and follow up after-care.

Heroin Rehab Centers in Chillicothe, OH


The addiction treatment center typically will either have in-house intervention services or would work in conjunction with an interventionist in Chillicothe or one local to you, or a loved one, spouse, or child.


A treatment professional will get to know the addict and using a battery of questions and assessment techniques. This will enable them to determine the type of addiction treatment that is needed and whether you, or your mom, dad, son, daughter or loved one have any co-occurring disorders.


You, or a loved one, spouse, or child enter an outpatient or inpatient detox center for the detoxification and withdrawal process, likely medically-assisted with Subutex or similar prescription medication.

  • Residential / Inpatient - Addict enters a live-in center. Price can range from free to tens of thousands for luxury or private addiction rehab centers in Ohio, OH that typically have executive, and celebrity clientele.
  • Long Term - Compared with short term (3/7/14 day), long term typically refers to treatment over a longer period than the standard 28 days, such as 60 or 90 day programs, but can be a year or longer.
  • Outpatient - Addict does not reside at the treatment center.

Heroin addiction counseling for the abuser who has stopped using heroin, opiates, or other drugs through detox and drug treatment is a vital part of recovery.

After Care / Sober Living / Recovery Help / Relapse Prevention

Heroin craving can persist years after drug cessation, particularly when the addict is exposed to triggers such as people or emotions, or places, and things they associate with drug use. Be sure to ask any of the Chillicothe opiate addiction rehabilitation facilities listed in our directory if they provide assistance with after care, sober living, recovery programs, and relapse prevention.

Heroin addiction counseling for the abuser who has stopped using heroin, opiates, or other drugs through detox and drug treatment is a vital part of recovery.

Help for Heroin Addiction

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