Heroin By Area of Origin

As a Schedule I narcotic, heroin is downright illegal in the United States. Possession of this drug in any amount, shape, or form can get anyone arrested and prosecuted. But like most things illegal, heroin still finds its way into the US and other countries. Outlawing heroin, or any other addictive drug for that matter, in these modern times is proving to be just as effective as the Prohibition of alcohol during the 1920s. As long as demand for heroin remains high, global heroin trade will remain in the black, as heroin producers in various countries will be more than happy to process and smuggle the drug for its customer base.

The Top Heroin Producing Countries

  • Mexico. Not only has Mexico evolved into the biggest supplier of illegal drugs to the United States, it also produces one of the most dangerous and addictive forms of heroin to date. Black tar heroin, a non powdery, hashish looking version of the drug, steadily flows into the United States from Mexico, and puts users at considerable risk of developing sclerosis ,as well as getting serious bacterial infections.
  • Colombia. Historically, Colombia is known for its cocaine, but it has finally caught up with the heroin trade, and is now the other major Latin American supplier of heroin to the United States apart than Mexico. Colombia’s cartels have made New York City its hub for retail distribution, and are in full control of the heroin market in the Eastern United States.
  • Burma, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Before Afghanistan rose to notoriety as the biggest producer of heroin in the world, these Southeast Asian countries—collectively dubbed “The Golden Triangle”—lorded it over the heroin trade. Since the 1920s, The Golden Triangle has been dominating the production of opium, from which morphine is extracted and subsequently processed into heroin.
  • Afghanistan. This country isn’t called "the world's largest exporter of heroin" for nothing. About 90% of the world’s heroin is produced in Afghanistan. And if the statements of Russia’s current drug czar is to be believed, heroin production in Afghanistan has grown 40 times bigger. The Afghanistan heroin trade is booming, and is getting even larger, if the increased importation of chemicals used in the production of heroin is any indication.

Heroin Addiction Help

Very rarely will you find a heroin addict who readily admits that he or she has a heroin problem. In most cases, friends and family are the ones who should bear the responsibility of getting the addict to acknowledge that there is an addiction to heroin that must be addressed. By holding an intervention, the addict would get the chance to get rid of heroin addiction. It is also absolutely essential that support for the patient is full and unwavering. Family and friends are encouraged to be there for their addicted loved ones before, during and after heroin drug addiction treatment. This would be the only way for the heroin drug addict to completely stop doing heroin, and be able to move on and live a new life without heroin.

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