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The Facts about Heroin Addiction

One of the biggest barriers to receiving proper treatment for a heroin addiction is a lack of credible information on the subject. Simply put, the more an individual knows about heroin addiction, the better chance they will have at achieving recovery. The following is a selection of important information about heroin addiction and drug rehab treatment.

Important Symptoms and Signs of Heroin Addiction

One of the first question individuals ask about heroin addiction is “what are the signs and symptoms of the condition?” Loved ones of the individual need to be familiar with this list in order to better gauge the seriousness of the individual’s condition and get them the help they need.

Common signs and symptoms of heroin drug addiction include:

  • Scabs and scars around the body
  • Constant itching or picking at the skin
  • Strange or uneven behavior
  • Criminal behavior such as stealing to support one’s habit
  • Drowsiness or lethargic behavior
  • Strong drug cravings
  • Long, unexplained absences
  • Poor performance at work or school

Heroin Addiction Treatment Information

There are very few heroin addicts who can kick the heroin habit without professional help. The most effective form of professional help takes place in a heroin drug rehab center. At these life-saving facilities, the individual is able to detoxify from heroin use and take part in counseling that addresses the root causes of heroine addiction at their core.

Different Types of Treatment for Heroin Addictions

There are two primary forms of heroin addiction treatment programs: residential and outpatient.

  • Residential heroin rehab. These programs have the individual move into a facility full time so that they may focus solely on their recovery. During this time, the individual takes part in heroin detox, counseling and aftercare programs. By removing the addict from her harmful home environment, residential treatment programs make it possible for the individual to see how a safe, sober life will feel.
  • Outpatient heroin rehab. Not every heroin addict can simply drop everything and enter into a residential treatment program. For these individuals, outpatient programs allow some measure of freedom so that the heroin addict can continue on with their roles as head-of-household or at work or school. Outpatient care has the individual attend treatment during the day, but then return home in the evening. These heroin treatment programs are generally less expensive than residential treatment and are designed for those with a less serious condition that has not made them a danger to themselves or others.

The Cost of Addiction to Heroin

In addition to the hundreds of dollars per day that it costs to maintain a heroin habit, there are a number of societal costs as well – specifically, the price we all pay for the spread of HIV/AIDS or hepatitis caused by individuals who share dirty needles when injecting heroin. There are so many reasons why heroin should be avoided, and the overall cost of doing heroin is at the top of that list.

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