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Heroin Dealers

In between those who harvest the opium poppy required to make heroin and the end user who becomes addicted to the drug, there is the heroin dealer. Drug dealers who sell heroin are unlawful individuals who make a profit off of the dependency of others. Yes, they take risks, but they also engage in an activity that harms other members of the community.

Where are Heroin Dealers Found?

Those involved in heroin dealing are often depicted in movies as hanging out at the local street corner, or in the alleyways behind schools and vacant buildings. And although these are places where drugs are bought and sold every day, the real portrait of the American drug dealer is much more complex. For many people, a person dealing heroin is not a shady stranger in the park, but a friend, co-worker or even a family member. In these difficult times, many people have turned to dealing heroine as a means of supporting themselves, a fact that has drastically changed the way we think about the seller.

The Risks of Dealing Heroin

While it can be lucrative in the short term – the risks of engaging in the criminal activity of heroin distribution are considerable. First and foremost, there is the fact that selling heroin is against the law. Depending upon the nature of the offense, it may be considered a “Class C” felony and punishable by many years in prison. Then there are the risks with the drug supply chain in general. Individuals who deal heroin could be the victim of violence over money (from their supplier) or a deal gone bad (the customer).

Kids and Heroin Drug Dealers

Many heroin sellers prey upon young people. They see kids and teens as an untapped market – individuals who want to be cool and are at a point in their lives where experimentation and rebelliousness are commonplace. Because of the heinous nature of selling heroin to minors, it is considered a strong offense in every state and can cost the dealer nine years or more in prison. Then again, the police can arrest all the drug dealers in their respective countries, but the heroin problem will remain if it does not stop the drug right at the source itself.

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