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The Facts About Smoking Heroin

As the 21st century rolls along, smoking heroin, also known as Chasing The Dragon, has become the fastest-growing method of using this highly dangerous drug. Individuals who are squeamish about injecting heroin via a needle find smoking a liquefied form of the drug through a pipe much less intimidating. The result is a new channel for developing a heroin addiction that features many of the same dangers as other forms of intake. The following is a brief look at some of the most important facts about the effects of smoking heroin that everyone should know.

Important Facts about Heroin Smoking

  • Many people smoke heroin because they think it is safer. While it is true that smoking heroin does not expose the individual to many of the health risks associated with injecting the drug (such as HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis) there is still the strong probability that the heroin user will become addicted after repeated use.
  • Some people who start by smoking heroin end up injecting the drug. An addiction to heroin means developing a tolerance to the drug. This means that it will take more and more of the substance in more intense forms to achieve the desired heroin high. For many, injecting heroin into their system becomes a desired option due to the rapidity and intensity of the high it creates.
  • Smoking heroin is known by a number of different street names. The most common slang for heroin smoking is “chasing the dragon” among other terms. It is important for loved ones to become familiar with these terms so that they can be alert to the “code” used by addicted individuals.
  • Smoking heroin is easier to hide. One of the primary reasons why individuals have turned to smoking heroin is because it is easier to hide. Heroin users can dispense of the paraphernalia used to smoke heroin much faster than needles and syringes.

Helping a Loved One Who is Smoking Heroin

Once an individual develops a heroin addiction, it will be incredibly difficult for them to stop doing heroin on their own. Such is the hold that this powerful opiate has over the men and women who use it. Family, friends or co-workers can play a vital role in getting someone to stop taking heroin. Most effectively, a drug intervention can help the individual come to terms with the seriousness of his condition – and provide the mechanism to get them into a heroin drug rehab program. Above all else, it is important that loved ones get involved. Standing idly by while someone is living with a heroin drug addiction is tantamount to seeing a drowning man and not throwing him a life preserver. Overcoming addiction heroin is an uphill climb, but it is possible to get up there, like this man did.

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