Professional Counseling Associates in Daphne, AL

29000 U.S. Highway 98, Suite A-305
Daphne AL 36526


About Professional Counseling Associates

In these difficult times, many people are finding themselves stressed out, lonely, anxious, depressed and in some cases, self-medicating with alcohol, drugs or other forms of addiction. Relationships are strained and it can feel like nothing is working.
At Professional Counseling Associates there is help available and light at the end of the tunnel.
Our Professional Therapists understand these problems and we help our clients identify and articulate their issues. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop an appropriate therapeutic plan of care in order to assist them in developing greater insight and coping skills. Our clients soon find themselves empowered with the ability to face and overcome their problems. Through this empowerment, they are able to achieve peace and stability in their life.

Insurance & Payments Accepted
Most insurances accepted. Cash, checks, credit cards.

Number Of Staff

Years In Practice

Licenses & Certifications
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Counselor (ACRPS) Master's Level Addictions Professional (MLAP) Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor (ICADAC) DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Certified Sexual Addictions Therapist (C-SAT)
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