Running Creek Counseling Service in Parker, CO

18425 Pony Express Drive, Ste. 203
Parker CO 80134

(303) 805-1218

About Running Creek Counseling Service

Moving toward healthy lifestyles- Running Creek Counseling is a private and supportive environment to explore, challenge and change old behaviors into healthy lifestyles.
Private practice and programs include:
Domestic Violence Treatment with a minimum of 36 session programs set up for gender specific groups, Anger Management with 12 to 24 sessions (covering stress management, identifying anger triggers communication skills, victim empathy adn power and control in relationships), DUI/DWAI Level II Education and Therapy, Dual Diagnosis and Relapse Prevention customized for clients with mental health and substance abuse issues, Evaluation and Assessment, and Monitered Sobriety for adults and teens who are required to do random urine screens, breathalyzers, and /or antabuse monitering. Individual, Couple and Family and Group Therapy available.

Individual therapy includes adolescent, mental health, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, anger management, substance abuse, victim issues and EMDR. Couple Therapy includes pre-marital, marriage issues, family issues, divorce, communication, and conflict management.

Years In Practice
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