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Methadone Detox for Heroin

Methadone detox for heroin addiction is the most common form of medical opiate detox in the world. Methadone is a synthetic opiate that in many ways mirror the effect that heroin has on the body. How can this be a good thing? Because the dosage level and purity is closely monitored by doctors and treatment staff, there is little danger of overdose.

What are the Advantages of Methadone Detox for Heroin?

The most prominent advantage of methadone detox is the reduced impact of heroin withdrawal. Simply put, heroin withdrawal symptoms are much less intense when the individual is receiving smaller and smaller doses of than when they attempt to undergo natural detox and go “cold turkey” all at once. Detoxification through methadone is also a closely supervised process, ensuring that the individual is under medical care during their withdrawal. By having someone watching over them, the individual is less likely to drop out of the heroin detox program and relapse.

Where does Methadone Detoxification for Heroin take place?

Although some drug rehab facilities offer medical detox, most often, methadone detoxification for heroin addiction takes place at stand-alone heroin detox clinics. Methadone clinics can be found in almost every city in the United States and are notable only for the way they blend in with other businesses in the area. The individual must visit these facilities regularly (in most cases daily) in order to receive their professionally-supervised dosage of the drug.

What are the Risks of Methadone Heroin Detox?

A small but significant percentage of individuals who undergo methadone detox for heroin addiction will actually become addicted to the synthetic opiate itself. This does not happen often, but when it does, it leaves the individual fighting a “two front” war against addiction – one versus the methadone and another against the original heroin addiction. Every day, drug rehab centers admit individuals who have a methadone addiction – begging the question, “would they have been better off going through the withdrawal symptoms associated with natural detox in the first place?”

Who Should Consider Methadone Treatment for Heroin Addiction?

Any individual who is suffering with a heroin addiction should consider methadone detox for that part of their recovery (it is important to note that detox in and of itself does NOT represent a full addiction treatment plan). Methadone is a good choice for those who have tried and failed to detoxify naturally – or are afraid of the withdrawal symptoms that come with that type of heroin detox treatment. While it doesn’t really work for everybody, as this news item reveals, many still go for methadone treatment, if only for the small measure of comfort it provides during the detox process.

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