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Heroin Addicts

Certainly, the public has its own perceptions about what the “typical” heroin addict looks like. Gruff and unkempt – always picking at his skin – most people would probably state with confidence that they could spot a person addicted to heroin a mile away. But the fact is that heroin users can be anyone – a neighbor, friend or even a family member. Consider the following information about the heroin drug addict.

What does a Heroin Addict Look Like?

There is no way to associate a particular demographic or socio-economic group with heroin abuse. This is a drug that doesn’t discriminate. Once heroin gets its hooks into the individual, it doesn’t matter whether they are black, white, rich or poor – they are still going to suffer harsh heroin effects.

There are however, some outward signs and symptoms of heroin addiction that may help family members identify whether or not their loved one is using “H”. Heroin abuse signs include:

  • Picking at scabs on the arms or throughout the body. This is a common sign that the individual is injecting heroin on a regular basis.
  • Confused and lethargic behavior. While under the influence of heroin, the individual will seem to be “in a fog” or disoriented.
  • Poor performance at work or school. Individuals addicted to heroin will have difficulty focusing on anything but the drug. Therefore, top-students or star employees may experience a sudden, distinct drop in their performance.
  • Criminal behavior. Some heroin addicts have brushes with the law, as they may need to steal money or engage in other criminal behavior in order to buy heroin.

Getting Drug Rehab Treatment for Heroin Drug Addicts

Reaching out, helping and loving an individual who is suffering from heroin addiction is one of the greatest things a person can do. To stand by and NOT take action is to allow that individual to fall deeper and deeper into the cycle of addiction. First, friends and family should try talking, openly and honestly, with the individual about his or her problem. If that fails to stop the behavior, the next step is to hold an intervention. A drug intervention is a meeting in which concerned friends, family or coworkers gather together to show the person how serious their heroin addiction has become – and how it is impacting the lives of those around them. The end goal of an intervention is two-fold: to get the individual to admit that they have a problem, and then take them immediately to a heroin drug rehab center where their heroine addiction can be treated by professionals.

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