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Side Effects Of Heroin

The side effects of using heroin can cover quite a range, from physical problems to social behaviors. The amazing thing is that these heroin addiction side effects can take over in the life of an addict without them even seeming to notice. This is due to one of the main side effects of heroin, which is the rush of euphoria that lures people into using the drug to begin with. Were it not for this side effect, no one would bother much with heroin, and the other problems would not arise.

What are the Primary Heroin Addiction Side Effects?

But of course people do seek out this ultimate rush of pleasure, and thus end up suffering all sorts of other side effects as well. Physically, the body starts to crave the drug on the same level that normal people crave food when they go without eating. Those who continue to abusing heroin will eventually collapse their veins and start to develop abscesses. Many heroin users suffer from lung problems of one form or another, because the drug depresses the body so much and restricts breathing.

Physical Side Effects of Heroin

Most heroin addicts don’t really notice the side effects until they run out of the drug and cannot get any more. This is when their body goes into heroin withdrawal and sends them into a nasty, flu-like state of misery that can best be fixed by feeding the body more heroin. While the degenerative side effects from prolonged heroin use might be easy to overlook, the acute misery of withdrawal is something that no heroin addict can ignore. Thus the cycle often continues so that the addict can avoid these uncomfortable heroin withdrawal symptoms.

The Psychological Side Effects of Heroin Use

Of course the side effects go far beyond the physical. Heroin users also suffer from the psychological effects of heroin, starting with rapidly shifting and prioritizing their life differently. They quickly separate the world into two groups of people: those they are using heroin with, and those that they do not. You can imagine how this alters their relationships and how they spend their time. Thus the use of the drug can have a huge social impact on people as well. The addict may find themselves hanging out with a crowd that they normally would not associate with. This can lead them to another side of the addiction that they probably did not count on in the beginning: behavior.

The effects of heroin on the brain is very pronounced. Those abusing heroin may quit their job and lose their residency and think very little of it while they are blinded by the effects of the drug. When money and their drug supply becomes a problem, the addict may also start to engage in illegal behavior in order to get more money that they normally would not be engaged in. They may steal from family, friends, loved ones, or from a business in order to get more money for drugs.

Eventually, there are only 3 main outcomes that heroin addiction can produce in the end: incarceration, mental hospitals, or death. These are the 3 main side effects that the chronic heroin abuser faces. The only escape a heroin addict has from these dire consequences is to seek treatment and abandon the drug completely.

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