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The Heroin Experience

Whether it is used in its black tar or white powder form, heroin is illegal, highly addictive, devastating to your health, and an incredibly expensive habit to maintain. Processed from the seed pods of certain poppy plants and cut with everything from sugar to Fentanyl, the quality and potency of heroin will vary from bag to bag depending upon how it was made and what is was cut with along its journey to you.

The Risks of the Heroin Experience

The fluctuation in potency makes the heroin experience a very precarious one: you never know when you will experience heroin withdrawal symptoms because the product isn’t as strong as you are used to or when you will suffer a heroin overdose because it is too strong. Additionally, the short-term and long-term effects of heroin use are devastating. The long term side effects of heroin include heart problems, liver and kidney disease, pneumonia, infections in the heart lining, the clogging of blood vessels and respiratory infections and more.

Incidentally, there are no medical benefits to using heroin. As a Schedule I narcotic, heroin is illegal in any form and for any purpose in the United States.

The Draw of Heroin Addiction

Though few heroin addicts will deny the many risks involved in taking heroin or the life altering effects of addiction to heroin, it takes most a long time to get the help they need. Why? What is the draw of heroin experiences?

Most will answer that the draw of the heroin drug experience comes from the high. Those who use needles to inject heroin are particularly loathe to break free from heroin addiction. Despite the drug’s steep street prices,chasing the heroin high, has become a way of life and the hope is to reach the same state of euphoria initially experienced. Unfortunately, this is virtually impossible, and the result is a life destroyed in pursuit of an elusive feeling.

Creating a New Experience Without Heroin Abuse

If you or someone you love is living with heroin drug addiction, there is hope. A number of different treatments for heroin addiction are available including methadone clinics, Suboxone treatment, inpatient heroin rehabs

, outpatient heroin addiction treatment, heroin counseling, 12 step meetings, psychotherapy and more. Depending upon how much heroin you take each day and the different types of drugs you are taking along with it as well as any underlying co-occurring psychological disorders or medical issues, different heroin addiction treatment programs will be more or less appropriate. Take a moment to explore your options and choose the best one for you.

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