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Different Styles of Heroin Rehab Programs

The addiction treatment field has seen a number of significant advances in recent years – from new form of medical detox to cutting-edge therapy modalities found in the top drug rehab centers. Nowhere are the breakthroughs more apparent that in the different types heroin rehab programs now available to individuals who are suffering with a dependence on this dangerous drug.

Who Needs Heroin Addiction Treatment?

The idea that the addictive properties of heroin makes one hooked after just a single hit is little more than a myth. However, heroin is a highly addictive substance that claims many men and women after a relatively short usage period. Do determine if you or someone you love needs heroin addiction treatment in the earliest possible time, consider the following questions:

  • Is your loved one suddenly withdrawn from friends and family?
  • Does your loved one disappear for long stretches of time without explanation?
  • Does your loved one have scars or “track marks” on their arms and legs?
  • Does your loved one ask to borrow money – and then lie about why they need it?

What are the Different Styles of Heroin Rehabilitation Programs?

The following represents a list of some of the most common (and successful) ways of heroin treatment. This list is by no means exhaustive, and does feature some overlap between program types.

    • Residential heroin rehab. Individuals live on-site at the rehab center for periods ranging from one month to a full year or longer. A chance to receive round-the-clock care in a distraction/temptation-free environment where one’s sole focus need only be on their recovery.
    • Outpatient heroin rehab. The recovering heroin addict attends treatment during the day, and then returns home in the evening (or to a sober living facility)
    • Holistic heroin rehab. Using ancient Eastern practices such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture to treat the mind, body and spirit of the heroin addiction. This “whole body” approach to treatment helps create stronger individuals who are better equipped to fight back against heroin addiction.
    • Teen heroin rehab. Because teenagers use drugs for reasons different than adults (and for their own safety during treatment) they need a heroin drug program just for those in their age group.
    • Heroin rehab for women. Advanced studies have found that women respond more favorably to treatment when they are enrolled in a gender-specific rehab program. With these findings, there has been a rise in the number of heroin rehab centers designed especially for women who struggle with addiction to heroin or other drugs. It would appear that while other treatment methods might also work, a gender specific program just might work better.

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