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Getting Support from Heroin Anonymous

The 12-step group has been an important part of the addiction recovery landscape since Bill W. formed Alcoholics Anonymous almost 75 years. Since that time, a number of different organizations, inspired by the work of AA, have been created to help individuals with everything from gambling problems to sex addiction. Most recently, one of these off-shoot programs was created to help individuals who are in recovery from heroin dependence. Heroin Anonymous is a fast-growing group of men and women, dedicated to helping any heroin addict through regular meetings, sponsorship and on-going heroin support.

How do Heroin Anonymous Meetings help Recovering Addicts?

Whether an individual is currently going through heroin addiction treatment, or completed a rehab program years ago, Heroin Anonymous is a chance to help maintain focus and get support from other recovering addicts. At regular meetings (held at different locations throughout the country) recovering heroin addicts gather together and share stories about their addiction, how far they have come, and the challenges they still face every day.

“Sponsorship” also plays a key role in helping recovering addicts who attend HA meetings. All members are encouraged to reach out to another HA member and ask them to be their sponsor. A sponsor is a recovering addict who will be there to support their friend anytime they need it – including those moments when relapse seems inevitable. During these stressful times, the sponsor is only a phone call away – and ready to help the individual stay the course of recovery.

More Facts About Heroin Anonymous Programs

If you or someone you love is interested in taking part in a Heroin Anonymous meeting, here are some things you should know:

  • There is no official membership fee for Heroin Anonymous. Instead, individuals are asked to make small donations at each meeting to support the local heroin support group.
  • Anonymity is important. You won’t find people networking or swapping business cards at most HA meetings. Instead, people use a strict first-name-only basis means of communicating with one another before, during and after meetings.
  • It’s not hard to find a meeting. There are HA meetings taking place in almost every major or mid-size city in the United States. Finding one is as easy as consulting the Internet or a local heroin drug rehab facility.

Heroin Anonymous, and its philosophy of giving one’s self up to a “higher power” is not for everyone. There are many people who are “turned off” by the spiritual elements of the group. However, there are many great things to take away from HA meetings, and one would hope that everyone who is need of support during or after their heroin rehab program would consider attending a group meeting or two to see if it helps them achieve their goals. Attending such a meeting will always be more preferable than the alternative, which is becoming dependent on this dangerous drug again.

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