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Pros and Cons of Heroin Treatment Clinics

Heroin treatment clinics offer recovering heroin addicts an accessible treatment option. With thousands of treatment clinics located in cities and towns around America, there aren’t many people who don’t live within a stone’s throw of an accredited, professional heroin rehab program.

And while there are several benefits of heroin treatment clinics, there are also several things that keep many people from seeking help there. The following is a look at both sides of the heroin treatment clinic “story”.

What are the Benefits of A Heroin Treatment Clinic?

  • Access. Chances are if you live in or around a major metropolitan area, you are within close proximity of a heroin treatment clinic. Ready access to these facilities has made them the most appropriate choice for those who have developed a heroin dependence.
  • Price. Heroin addiction takes a financial toll on the family. Once an individual has seen their personal and professional lives run down by heroin abuse, they are rarely in a position to afford expensive residential heroin drug rehab. Clinics fill this financial treatment gap nicely.
  • Effectiveness. Despite not having the budget of most luxury treatment centers, many heroin clinics are staffed by outstanding treatment professionals, who enjoy high success rates with their patients.

What are the Cons of Heroin Rehab Clinics?

  • Privacy issues. A heroin treatment clinic is not exactly located behind security gates and long, tree-lined driveways. These facilities are out in the open – and this lack of privacy can cause many to avoid seeking treatment there.
  • Travel. Although heroin treatment clinics are often located near convenient public transportation, not every can get to get them so easily. If you live clear across town, and are unable to drive yourself as a result of your condition, you may want to consider a residential rehab center.
  • Fewer Amenities. You will find quality care at a heroin treatment clinic, but chances are you won’t find five-star living accommodations like those at a luxury drug rehab. If the “creature comforts” are important to you during treatment, then you might want to consider something other than a clinic.
  • Fewer Treatment Options. You are much less likely to have a number of different styles at a heroin clinic. More expansive (and indeed expansive)facilities will have a full slate of counseling, aftercare and holistic choices – while a clinic may only have a single treatment track.

Paying for a Heroin Clinic

Although the cost of a heroin clinic is minimal in comparison to residential (or even some outpatient) facilities, there are still many families who are unable to afford heroin addiction treatment. If these individuals are lucky enough to have health insurance, then the plan may pay for some or all of treatment. If not, it will be up to the discretion of the clinic as to whether or not they will treat the addicted individual. Some drug rehab clinics are free for those in need, while others offer financial help with treatment on a need-based basis. Whatever the clinic, just make sure that you check out if the treatments being offered are medically approved, because some might offer unapproved and therefore dangerous treatments, like the clinic featured in this news report.

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