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Mexican Heroin

Few areas of the world are producing as much cheap heroin as Mexico. The country with the large border to the south of the United States is currently responsible for making and exporting more heroin than almost any other country in the world.

How Does Mexican Heroin Cross the Border?

While recent years (and additional government funding) have plugged many of the holes in our southern border, there is still a steady flow of heroin coming in from Mexico. This is achieved through air transport and ground shipments using human “mules” who bring the drug with them when they enter the country. These mules work for little money and are at a constant risk of arrest by law enforcement officials.

What Types of Heroin Comes From Mexico?

Mexico is a producer of black tar heroin – one of the most dangerous and addictive forms of the drug. Mexican black tar heroin is found throughout the United States, Canada and Europe and can be distinguished by its non-powdery, almost hashish-like appearance. Most users of this drug type prefer shooting black tar heroin into the bloodstream using a needle and syringe.

Heroin Use and Abuse in Mexico

As would be expected in a country with such an omnipresent drug trade, there is a serious heroin addiction problem in Mexico even as its unique black-tar stuff continues to sneak into even small US communities. Mexican law enforcement has decriminalized the use of limited amounts of heroin, but the problem still affects many families across that country. Mexicans must also deal with the fact that there are fewer quality heroin drug rehab centers per person across the country than in the United States or Europe.

If Someone You Know Has a Heroin Addiction

Finding help for a loved one with an addiction to heroin is absolutely critical. Most addicts are unable or unwilling to admit that they have a problem – placing responsibility squarely on the shoulders of friends and family to intervene. Holding an intervention and supporting the individual before, during and after drug addiction treatment are all essential parts of their recovery. Learn more about heroin addiction and reach out to the individual who needs your help.

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