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Liquid Heroin

Known on the streets as “Liquid O”, the liquefied form of heroin is becoming more and more popular with drug users across the United States. Young people in particular have been using this water-based form of heroin at an alarming rate – with many teens not even aware of the fact that the drug is heroin until it is too late.

About Liquid Heroin

Most commonly, this heroin liquid form is a form of black tar heroin – one of the most dangerous and addictive forms of the opiate. To create it, black tar heroin is heated and placed into a mixture with warm water. It is then packaged and sold in small eyedropper vials. The small size and innocent appearance of these vials has made it difficult for law enforcement to detect the drug on sight.

The Cost of Liquefied Heroin

One of the reasons behind the growth of liquid heroin in the U.S. is the incredible profit margin on the drug. The cost of a single dose of the drug runs between $5 and $10 depending upon the market – and the geographic location in which it is sold. 90-100 doses can be obtained from a single gram of heroin – leading drug dealers to take in a significant profit.

The Popularity of Heroin as a Liquid

Individuals who use liquid heroin inhale it through their nose. For those individuals who are frightened by the idea of injecting heroin by using a needle, this makes heroin much more appealing – and therefore more dangerous. It is also getting popular with teens in US suburbs.

Getting Help for Liquid Heroin Addiction

Those who are addicted to liquid heroin are not likely to admit that they have a problem, or seek help on their own accord. Therefore, it is up to family and friends to reach out to the individual, hold an intervention and make sure that they are admitted into a heroin drug rehab program as soon as possible. This is often the only way for men and women living with an addiction to heroin to get the professional help they need.

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