Heroin Addiction and Depression Side Effects

If you’ve ever met a person with a heroin addiction, you know that they aren’t happiest people in the world. In fact, unless you catch them at the moments when their euphoria it at its peak, chances are they are suffering with a certain degree of depression.

Addiction to heroin and depression commonly go hand in hand. There are a number of different reasons for this phenomenon, several of which we will explore here.

Depression and Heroin Withdrawal

Once an individual has developed a full-blown heroin addiction, their life will change. The things that were once important to them will all now take a back seat to finding their next “fix” of the drug. Why is getting a heroin high so important? Not because of the pleasurable sensations that heroin brings, but rather because of the heroin withdrawal symptoms heroin addicts experience when they are not using the drug.

Withdrawal symptoms of heroin run the gamut from the chills and sweats, to anxiety and mood swings. But perhaps the most notable heroin addiction withdrawal symptoms deal with depression and other related psychological conditions.

There are a number of different ways that depression plays a role in withdrawal. For one, the heroin addict who is living without his or her drug is not going to be happy. Heroin fuels the creation of “artificial good feelings” in the user, and when it is not present, the human body will not remember how to create these sensations on its own. When this occurs, the individual will carry a heavy depression around with them through the heroin detox process.

Depression during Heroin Detoxification

While the withdrawal symptoms of heroin do not last forever, many people are unable withstand the pain and depression they experience as a result of natural detox. For that reason, some individuals prefer medical detox (usually Methadone in the case of heroin detox) that uses a synthetic opiate to help the individual detoxify with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

Why is coping with withdrawal symptoms so important? Because these temporary conditions, while not life-threatening, can easily lead to relapse, and a relapse could lead to using heroin and perhaps other drugs, like in the case of this celebrity.

For those who make it through these difficult days of withdrawal, the results can be life-changing. Gone is the depression (and other psychological symptoms) and instead the individual is blessed with a new lease on life – ready to begin heroin counseling and the remainder of the heroin addiction treatment process.

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