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Not All Heroin is the Same

Heroin is a dangerous drug that comes in many shapes and sizes. There are a number of different ways of doing heroin, as well as different types of heroin currently available “on the street” in just about every city and town in America.

For anyone who suspects that their loved one is abusing heroin, and wants to do everything they can to help that individual, the following heroin guide will help you know more about the substance behind this terrible health hazard.

Types of Heroin

There are several different types of heroin making the rounds throughout the United States, including:

What are the Different Ways of Using Heroin?

There are three primary ways to use heroin: smoking, injecting and snorting. Each one of these methods carries with it different effects for the user – as well as different risks.

  • Smoking heroin.
    • Mixing heroin with water or other liquids allows it to be smoked through a pipe. When you mix heroine and cocaine and you can go “freebasing” – a form of smoking both drugs. Freebasing is an incredibly dangerous activity that has claimed the lives of many, including basketball star Len Bias and comedian John Belushi.
  • Injecting heroin.
    • Injecting heroin into the bloodstream is perhaps the most dangerous way of using heroin. IV heroin use delivers the strongest high, but can also lead to the transmission of several potential deadly diseases. Heroin addicts who share dirty needles are at a great risk for HIV/AIDS as well as certain strains of Hepatitis.
  • Snorting heroin.
    • When crushed into powder form, heroin can be snorted through the nose much in the same way cocaine is used. Snorting heroin delivers an impactful high, although not quite as fast acting as shooting or smoking heroin. Some people have died of a heroin overdose when they mistakenly snort heroin, thinking it is cocaine.
  • Swallowing heroin.
    • While rare, some users keep liquid heroin in eyedropper vials, Visine bottles, or small glass bottles and swallow or snort it. This form of heroin is usually brownish or black in color and has a strong odor. Liquid heroin use is more common among younger users, particularly high school students. Heroin may also be smuggled in liquid form in containers such as shampoo bottles.

Heroin Street Names

Currently, there are a number of different types of heroin being sold by dealers out on the streets of the United States. Among the most popular street names for these heroin types are:

  • Junk
  • Dragon
  • Dope
  • Mr. Brownstone
  • Snow
  • Smack
  • Scat
  • Mexican Brown
  • Horse
  • “H”

If you have a teenager, and want to stay proactive about their use of drugs and alcohol, you would be well-served to learn these, and any other current street names for heroin. Kids have a language all their own – and may be talking about the “brown stuff” right under your nose without you even realizing it.

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