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Heroin Withdrawal

Whether an addict is going through recovery, or in the midst of a difficult heroin addiction, chances are they will feel the pain of heroin withdrawal symptoms. Heroin withdrawal is both the fear of every addict, and a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. Which one depends upon the state of the individual – and their readiness to admit that they have a problem.

Heroin Withdrawal and Addiction

An individual who is addicted to heroin will be more likely to experience heroin addiction withdrawal the longer and longer they go without a “fix” of their drug. If the individual is used to getting a dose of heroin every 10 hours for example, they will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms anywhere from 12 to 14 hours after their last dose.

Withdrawal From Heroin and Drug Rehab

The first, and some say most important step in the drug rehab process is heroin detoxification. This is the process by which the individual’s system is cleansed of all the harmful toxins found in illicit drugs. Heroin detox is considered one of the most intense, challenging detoxification processes. Approximately two days into the heroin detox process, the individual will begin to experience heroin withdrawal symptoms – as their body struggles to produce any pleasurable sensations without the aid of the drug. This is a crucial moment in the recovery process. The individual will either make it through these symptoms (with the assistance of treatment professionals onsite), or will find them too difficult to endure, inevitably leaving the heroin treatment program and relapsing back into drug use.

For this reason every drug rehab center that offers detox from heroin is staffed by experts who understand the unique challenges that heroin withdrawl presents. These individuals help provide support during the tough times, and regular medical attention if necessary. If there is “hand holding” that needs to be done, the detox professional will be there. And if the individual is thinking about quitting the program, you can rest assured that the rehab staff will give them every reason to stay.

What comes after Heroin Withdrawals?

For the heroin addict who has yet to come to terms with his or her heroin drug addiction, the end of withdrawal usually means finding their next fix. But for the individual who has taken the important steps necessary to enter heroin treatment, getting through withdrawal means overcoming their physical addiction to heroin – and moving forward with heroin counseling, aftercare, and a new life and a brighter future , especially for young victims of the disease.

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