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Heroin Addiction

Of all the substance abuse problems in the world, heroin addiction remains the one with the most serious ramifications. In addition to the health problems caused by the drug itself, there are a number of other risks associated with heroine addiction that are not as much of an issue with other drugs. Please read the following if you are struggling with this terrible disease, or know someone who is need of drug addiction treatment for a heroin addiction.

Who is at risk for Heroin Addictions?

Heroin addiction does not discriminate based on age, gender or socio-economic status. In fact, if you were to look at the demographic breakdown of heroin addicts in the United States, you would be amazed to find such a comprehensive cross-section of Americans who are dependent on this highly dangerous drug.

Why do People develop an Addiction to Heroin?

There are many reasons why individuals become addicted to heroin. For teenage heroin drug addicts, the drug may be a way to cope with self-image issues, or even fit into a certain peer group. For men and women struggling with depression, the drug is often a means of self-medicating the pain they feel as a result of their mental health issues. Whatever the reasons, once heroin addiction takes hold, it can overwhelm a person’s life and destroy everything they hold dear.

What Makes Heroin Drug Addiction so Dangerous?

In addition to the potential health hazards of using the drug itself (risk of overdose, liver failure, etc.) there are also a number of potential problems associated with IV heroin abuse that can be deadly. Specifically, those individuals who use or share dirty needles when shooting heroin are at risk for developing HIV/AIDS, hepatitis or other serious illnesses.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Help

Overcoming heroin addiction on your own is almost impossible. The most effective course of action is through a drug treatment program. Drug rehab for heroin addiction helps the individual cleanse their system of harmful opiate toxins (through detox) and then teaches them how to make better decisions concerning their life and the “triggers” that cause heroin use in the first place. Finally, drug treatment programs also feature aftercare programs to help the individual learn how to transition back into their daily lives without the “crutch” of heroin and other drugs.

Taken together, these programs form a “whole body” approach to heroin treatment that improves the life of the individual in every way imaginable – helping them stay clean in the weeks, months and years following rehab.

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