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All About Heroin Detox Centers

There is a certain stigma that often surrounds heroin detox centers which keeps many people from getting the help they need. A number of recovering addicts will forgo these helpful detox facilities because that they feel that they are somehow “beneath them” or that travelling to them each day is a dangerous risk.

While no two heroin detox centers are exactly alike, it is unfair to characterize them in such a negative way. By learning the different types of heroin detox centers – and what goes on there – we will begin to demystify the process and start helping more people.

What are the Different Types of Heroin Detox?

There are two primary styles of heroin detox: natural and medical. Natural heroin detox has the individual stopping heroin intake “cold turkey” and enduring the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that accompany the process. The other detox option for addiction to heroin is medical, where the individual uses a synthetic drug to more gradually overcome their physical dependence on heroin.

What goes on at a Heroin Detox Center?

Although natural detox is an option at a handful of heroin detox centers across the United States, the predominant number of facilities offering medical heroin detox as their primary form of care. With medical heroin detox, the individual is given a synthetic opiate that mirrors many of the same effects as the drug itself. The most commonly used type of synthetic opiate used in these situations is methadone.

When the individual first arrives at the detox center, they will be assessed in terns of the seriousness of the addiction and their overall health. From there, the doctor will decide on a “starting point” for the strength of the methadone dosage the individual will receive. Over time, the individual will receive smaller and smaller doses of the synthetic opiate – thus lessening the withdrawal symptoms they experience during the process.

Reduced withdrawal symptoms are the primary appeal of medical detox, and the reason why recovering addicts travel daily to methadone clinics located around the country.

Where are Heroin Detox Clinics Located?

Heroin detox centers can be located just about anywhere. The most detox facilities in the United States are found at either in a major metropolitan area, or at the heroin detox rehab facility itself. In the case of the latter, the individual undergoes detox as a part of the mainstream rehabilitation program. If, however, the rehab center does NOT offer detox, the individual may be referred to a recommended facility in the area. They will need to complete heroin detox at this facility before entering the main treatment program (which includes counseling, aftercare, etc.).

The Importance of Heroin Detox Treatment

Heroin detox is one of the most crucial parts of the addiction recovery process. Until the individual has overcome their physical addiction to heroin, they are simply not in the mental or emotional condition needed to move onto to heroin counseling and therapy. Considering how easy it is to acquire the drug these days, even a patient who just finished detoxing could still suffer a relapse.   Still, completing detox is an accomplishment that the individual can be proud of – and use this confidence to carry them to success in the remainder of the recovery journey.

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