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Heroin Rapid Detox

There are a couple of options for a struggling heroin addict who is trying to get clean and sober, and one such option is heroin rapid detox. This is a procedure where the addict is basically put under, as if for surgery, and then their body is rapidly flushed of all remaining opiate drugs, including the heroin. It is a relatively new procedure and therefore is not yet covered by insurance companies, so the cost is quite expensive. Even though it does cost several thousand dollars, this is in many cases comparable to a medical detox in a traditional drug rehab center.

What is Heroin Rapid Detoxification?

One of the more alluring aspects of ultra rapid detox from heroin is the elimination of withdrawal symptoms. The procedure is designed to completely bypass the traditional heroin detox method that involves the body slowly being drained from opiates and then crying out for more drugs in order to avoid withdrawal. For anyone who has been through the uncomfortable feelings of heroin detoxification, the idea of bypassing all of it and waking up without any cravings is extremely seductive. Being sick from heroin withdrawal is the deciding factor that keeps the addict trapped in the cycle of addiction. Ultra rapid detox is designed to get the addict past this stage of misery while they are put under, so as to avoid the heroin withdrawal symptoms completely.

Understanding Ultra Rapid Heroin Detoxification

In most cases, ultra rapid detox is "packaged" with counseling as a means of ongoing support. This may be one of the biggest weaknesses regarding this strategy. There are at least 2 factors at play here that can influence the addict's chance at success in staying clean. One is that, as an ongoing means of support, heroin counseling is not usually intensive enough to make any sort of real difference in the life of a recovering addict. Very few addicts can turn their life around through counseling alone. The other factor at play here is that the incentive to avoid the misery of heroin withdrawl symptoms has been removed. Because those who go through ultra rapid detox do not suffer any withdrawal symptoms, they naturally have less incentive to stay clean and avoid future detox than someone who suffered through a cold turkey heroin addiction detox and felt the full effects of it.

The Impact of Rapid Heroin Detox on the Body

When these 2 factors are combined, it can have a real impact on the chances for success for a recovering addict. Therefore, ultra rapid detox is probably best suited to those who have a strong recovery support system already in place for after they have made it through the process of detox from heroin. If a struggling heroin addict has never experienced heroine recovery in the past, then using this near instant form of detoxifying is probably a mistake. The person will not have a firm grasp on the amount of footwork and dedication necessary to stay clean following detox. There is a tendency for faulty thinking to enter the picture when a procedure such as this can magically "cure" the drug addict and physically detox them without any pain or discomfort. The incentive to stay clean and put in the tremendous effort to maintain sobriety is diminished when we cheat ourselves of the natural consequences of our action. In other words, going through the pain of withdrawal can be a powerful incentive to maintain our heroin addiction recovery in the long run.

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