How Much Does Heroin Cost?

One of the biggest problems with heroin is that it is relatively easy to obtain and is less expensive than other dangerous, addictive drugs. Unlike say, cocaine, many individuals are able to maintain their heroin addiction without destroying the personal finances in an attempt to support their habit. The following information provides a basic overview of the cost of heroin and its many forms – as well as how loved ones can reach out and help those who have seen their lives thrown into chaos as a result of this destructive drug.

The Street Cost of Heroin

How much does heroin cost on the street? The price of heroin on the street depends upon a number of different factors – including the type of heroin in question, how it was “cut” and processed, as well as the availability in public at that given time.

Generally, the following holds true about heroin street cost:

  • The average cost of a single dose of heroin (purchased on the street) is approximately $10 – $25.
  • The heroin price depends upon its purity and the availability of the drug in the area at that given time.
  • An individual with a “hard-core” heroin habit may pay $150 – $200 per day in order to support his or her habit.

The reason for this last point has its roots in the nature of heroin addiction. As an individual becomes more dependent on the drug, they will build a tolerance to it – meaning that it takes more and more heroin to get high. This leads to an expensive habit – and the constant threat of overdose.

The Hidden Cost of Heroin Abuse and Addiction

There is another way in which to look at heroin costs, and that is the “societal cost” brought about as a result of this drug’s presence in our cities and towns. A 2000 survey by the U.S. Government found that the cost of heroin addiction to our country may be anywhere from $15 billion to $20 billion dollars per year. Most of this tremendous figure is due to the price tag on treating medical conditions associated with IV heroin use – specifically, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. Addicts turning to crime to buy their heroin fix is also a problem.

Help for Those with a Heroin Problem

If you or someone close to you is suffering from addiction to heroin, it is important that you reach out and help. Calling for a drug intervention is often the most effective way to get the addicted individual into a heroin rehab program. In these meetings, the individual is “confronted” about the heroin addiction by friends and family members who are there to communicate just how serious the issue has become.

Help for Heroin Addiction

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